Code Enforcement Division

Washington Township Fire - Rescue conducts annual inspections for compliance with The Ohio Fire Code to our area business, churches, and any manufacture of goods and services. The Fire Code regulates such matters as emergency preparedness; the prevention and reporting of fires; the manufacture, storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials and combustible materials; the conduct of various businesses and activities that pose fire hazards; and the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the buildings and premises that house such materials, businesses and activities. Ohio Fire Codes are provided to assistance business owners and residence in meeting the fire safety requirements. In addition, while not a substitute for actual code, the “Code Compliance Guidelines” provided an overview of various code requirements as set forth in the Fire Code.

Plan Review

The Plans Review Division reviews all plans for renovations and new construction, related to fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems. They work in conjunction with The Clermont County Building Department (Permit Central) to ensure code compliance and integrity of the fire protection systems from design review to final inspection. The Plans Review Team consists of the Fire Chief, and 5 Field Inspectors.