Fire Division

Class 1 Fire Engines

Washington Township Fire - Rescue maintains two Custom Class 1 Fire Engines. These were built right here in the State of Ohio by the Sutphen Corporation. These units carry multiple specialty tools designed for the fire service. Some of the equipment carried are Rescue Tools (Jaws of Life), High and Low angle Rope Rescue Equipment, Ice Rescue and Swift Water Rescue Equipment. We also carry Thermal Image technology that every firefighter carries, during rescue, and suppression operations. This individual technology was purchased this year to assure every firefighter has the tools to conduct a rescue or self rescue in the event of an entrapment.

Brush Units

We have two units in our fleet that have Brush Fire Capabilities. Ford F-250 with a 250 Gallon Skid Unit with Pump. This unit carries a variety of tools to fight brush fires. We also have a John Deere Gator with a 85 Gallon Skid Unit with Foam Capabilities, this unit can also double as an EMS Response Unit for difficult terrain.

Rescue Boat

Washington Township Fire - Rescue responds to incident on the Ohio River, we cover approx. 9 miles of the river. This unit is part of the SOSINK region and can be called and be utilized on any part of the Southwest Region for a variety incidents. This unit carries a small float-able pump for small fire operations, but its primary response is for rescue, and EMS requests. The boat will operate with a trained operator and at-least one paramedic and EMT.